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Luxion KeyShot Pro 7.1.51 Multilingual

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Luxion KeyShot Pro 7.1.51 MultilingualWindows x64 | Multilingual | File Size: 525.56 MB
KeyShot is everything you need to create fast, accurate and amazing visuals. Featuring a real-time workflow to see your renderings and animations take shape instantly, KeyShot reduces the time it takes to create that perfect shot. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets to advanced material editing and animation, creating product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been easier.Simple InterfaceKeyShot's simple user interface is minimal, but powerful, with all the options you need for advanced visualization and none of the clutter to impede workflow.Rendering SpeedThe speed you have within KeyShot cannot be compared. Whether you're on a small laptop or a networked server with multiple CPUs, KeyShot will use all the cores available.FastEverything inside KeyShot happens in real time. KeyShot uses unique rendering technology which makes it possible to see all changes to materials, lighting, and cameras instantly.EasyYou don't have to be a rendering expert to create photorealistic images of your 3D model. Simply import your data, assign materials by dragging and dropping them onto the model, adjust the lighting, and move the camera, Done.What's New in KeyShot 7:Improved Workflow EfficiencyEasier ways to set up your scene, work more efficiently, and deliver amazing visuals with speed.Greater Material ControlMore control over materials with enhancements and advanced material editing for unlimited possibilities.Amazing New CapabilitiesNew capabilities to elevate what's possible with geometry, viewing and rendering your scenes.Powerful Feature EnhancementsMore power from import to creating animations and interactive visuals of your designs and ideas.AccurateKeyShot is the most accurate rendering solution for your 3D data. KeyShot is built on Luxion's internally developed, physically correct render engine based on research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination.Release Notes:Highlights include:- Improved accuracy to Gem dispersion- Improved Metal Material Type selection- Improved rounded edges and group support- Improved node alignment in Material Graph- Improved file size reduction after saving- Improved ground shadows with Motion Blur- Drag and Drop re-order of Model Sets- Model and Material re-order in Configurator- Render Layer output enabled upon creation- Added Network Render Worker tray with core count control- Added ability to 'Use all cores on sign out'- Support for Maya 2018- Bug fixes and improvementsFixed:- Fixed: Fade animation causes cloudy plastic to change color- Fixed: Crash when assigning material and exiting performance mode- Fixed: Importing object changes animation behavior- Fixed: Semi-transparent labels are displayed incorrectly on Translucent and Translucent (Advanced)- Fixed: HDRI Editor image stops updating after material sphere rendering- Fixed: Bad sampling pattern with metals and custom control- Fixed: Real-time view is blurry in KeyShot 7 compared to KeyShot 6- Fixed: 'Visible in reflections' for Area Light has no effect on glossy measured metals with Product Lighting Mode- Fixed: Colors get darker when saving to the Color Library- Fixed: 'Ignore Intersecting Geometry' turns intersections black with Product Lighting Mode- Fixed: Switching camera doesn't respect lens setting in saved camera when lockedSystem Requirements:- INTEL Pentium 4 or better or AMD processor- Windows 7, 8 or 10 32/64 bit or Windows Server 2012 or later- OpenGL 2.x or higher

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